New Regenerative Treatment Available for Disc Degeneration

Advancements in Healing Aging Back Pain

Groundbreaking progress is being made in the world of back pain treatments including a new, regenerative treatment with current study clinical trial success for treating lower back pain due to disc degeneration. This new treatment is only performed by a handful of certified physicians in the state, and H. David Qu, MD and Robert Kelly, DO at Pennsylvania Pain and Spine Institute are two of them.

Disc degeneration can occur from natural wear and tear on the spine as we age, or from an injury. The intervertebral discs can lose water and nutrient content over time which can lead to cracks, and fissures within your disc as well as lack of cushion within the spine. These changes in the disc can put strain on the nerves and pressure on the spine which leads to uncomfortable lower back pain (in the lumbar region).

Up until now, common treatments for this condition included Physical Therapy, Medication, Epidural Injections, Radio Frequency Ablations, and more intensive surgery treatments such as a Lumbar Fusion or disc replacement. While these options are still valid and helpful in treating this condition, there is now a new, minimally invasive procedure that has proven success in treating the condition at the source without a major surgery.

VIA Disc is a non-surgical, regenerative procedure that involves utilizing healthy nucleus pulposus tissue from a donor and injecting it into the degenerative disc to help supplement and rebuild the damaged area, and alleviate pain symptoms. The procedure itself mimics an injection, making the recovery time for the patient quite short and desirable.

The procedure is currently available via specially trained physicians and is available for patients who qualify based on physician diagnosis. Other in-office procedures are typically performed with a goal to provide relief prior to undergoing the VIA Disc procedure.

While degenerative disc disease is not comfortable, the good news is that there are plenty of options for the condition in-office, and now there is another innovative option for the future treatments of patients who do not find the relief they need with these more common procedures.

If you are or think you may be suffering with disc degeneration pain, contact us to see what options, including VIA Disc, are available for you! Visit or call us (215) 395-8888 to request an appointment today.

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