4 Alternative Treatment Options for Pain

Helpful Information for Treatments Other Than Medication

Chronic pain can be a debilitating component of anyone’s lives both physically and mentally. Oftentimes to treat pain, patients are given a mixed regimen of physical treatment, physical therapy, and medication management. With advancements in technology and treatments – the options for treating pain have grown exponentially over the last few years, including some important alternatives to traditional medication.

  1. Acupuncture has a long history of use for treating ailments of the body long before traditional medicine. In recent years, the research for acupuncture treatment of nerve pain, back pain, muscular pain and more has proven to be quite an effective treatment with no true side effects. With the use of small needles along various points within the body, it is able to provide symptomatic relief and a ‘reset’ of the area treated.


  2. Medical Marijuana has been around for decades, but in recent years has taken a leap towards leading the health industry to treat a number of conditions in Pennsylvania. With the state medical market growing, in addition to other states’ markets, more research is available as to how exactly it works in our bodies and how it can be helpful in treating certain conditions or condition related symptoms. As an overview, it is a natural option with low side effects to help effectively treat inflammation, pain, anxiety and more.


  3. Regenerative Medicine consists of different therapies that utilize the body’s own natural healing process. These options are available as in-office treatments and do not require any prep time. Each form of these medicines takes a natural part of the body, injects it into the specific area of pain/the root of the issue, to promote regrowth and strength.


  4. Injection Therapies offer a variety of treatments for specific conditions including nerve pain, muscular pain, back/spinal pain, migraines, etc. Each injection consists of a numbing agent, and 1-2 different medications that are injected into the area of concern to alleviate pain symptoms and treat the pain at the root cause.

All of the above therapies have a purpose and a place for use for different people depending on their pain condition and associated symptoms. While many of these can work in conjunction with traditional medication, it is important to note that these alternatives greatly help reduce the need for medication use in general – an important stride in the world of pain management.


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