Patient Success Story: Growing Sciatica Pain & the MILD Procedure

10 years of treating patients pain has led the PA Pain & Spine Team to seeing so many patients get back to living the life they want and enjoying the activities that they once did. We’ve asked patients to share their stories of their journey with chronic pain, and how treatments have helped them. 

Meet Jane! Jane first came to see us back in 2018, originally for back pain that was chronically impacting her life. She was constantly experiencing pain in her lower back that radiating down one side through her groin and leg areas. The pain she was experiencing is known as sciatica – a nerve pain condition that is typically caused by a condition or injury in the spine or back. 

When Jane came to Pennsylvania Pain and Spine Institute, she worked with Dr. Robert Kelly and Amanda Hyland, PA-C to get a clear diagnosis and target the source of her pain. She had various in-office treatments including epidural injections which helped subdue the pain for some time. 

The treatment that became the game-changer for Jane was the MILD procedure (Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression).  This procedure is performed surgically by small incisions in the back where the doctor can access a specific level of the spine and increase the spinal column space which helps significantly reduce the pressure on the nerves – a.k.a. alleviating the sciatica pain.

The MILD procedure is often a helpful choice for those coping with an age-related condition, Spinal-Stenosis, and typically takes under an hour to complete. Since this is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, most patients return home the same day and can typically resume normal activities within 24 hours. 

Jane said she started her chronic pain journey with us with a rated average pain score of an 8 out of 10 (very significant pain), and after her treatments with us her average pain score is now a 1/10 (very little pain).

We hope hearing stories like Jane’s inspire others to be open to trying new treatments, and encouraging them to never lose hope in their journey with chronic pain! Just look at her now! 


*Patient consented to sharing her unique story with the PA Pain & Spine Team, and gave permission to share the story online with the associated photo. 


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  1. I understand there are two kinds of stenosis- soft and hard – and this procedure only works for the soft. Is this true?

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