Muscle Pain + Injury Treatments

Muscle Pain/Injury Symptoms

Muscle pain can occur from a range of injuries and overuse due to specific physical activities and movements. There are various types of symptoms related to muscle pain and injuries such as:

What are the Common Muscle Related Injuries?

There are various types of muscle injuries – some of which can turn chronic over time. Physical activity and overuse can play a big factor in muscle injury and length of recovery. Some of the more common muscle related injuries include: strains, sprains, tendinitis, bursitis, myofascial pain syndrome, muscle contusions, and hernias. 

When Should a Doctor be Consulted for Joint Pain?

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms after a known injury or unknown pain, it is important to seek medical attention especially if the pain persists and worsens over time. Consulting with a doctor can help provide a clear diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan for recovery. 

Muscle Pain & Injury Treatments

Treatments can vary based on pain origin and other related conditions, but in general some of our minimally invasive, effective muscle pain and injury treatments include:


Trigger Point & Injection Therapies

Depending on specific pain sources, trigger point injections and other injection therapies can help relax a spasming muscle, reduce inflammation/swelling, loosen up the area, and provide pain relief. These injections are typically quick and effective in providing relief. 


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is essential in helping work through an injury and retraining the injured muscle to heal strongly. It can also help build strength for weak muscle related conditions. 



There are also medications that can be helpful in reducing both pain and inflammation in the area. These often work best with additional treatment therapies.