PA Pain and Spine In the News

It's Time to Take Care of Your Spine!

“Sitting is a comfortable position for the body to relax in and oftentimes helps relieve various pains associated with standing or activity…so there’s no way sitting can be harmful to your body, right? Many believe this to be true and do not realize…

4 Common Migraine Triggers and How to Treat Them

“Migraines are a common condition that many people of varying ages experience at some point in their lives – some more chronically than others. Migraines differ from ‘normal’ headaches due to their severity level, intensity, and other accompanying symptoms such as nausea, dizziness or sensitivity to light.…”

Pennsylvania Pain and Spine Institute Donates to CVMA Local Veteran Chapter

“The staff at PA Pain and Spine celebrate Veterans Day a little differently this year with an open event honoring local and patient veterans in the area. The staff presents a new flag pole installation to display support of service members everywhere and offers an open to the public celebration consisting of a ceremony and lunch gathering.

The Physicians on the team dedicate a speech and flag raising ceremony to local and patient Veterans that gather to celebrate…”

Spinal Cord Stimulator Changes Patients' Lives

“After several patients open up about their experiences with a new, minimally invasive treatment, there may be a breakthrough in treatment for common conditions that many are coping with as they age, after injuries or after failed surgeries…”

Veterans Day Celebration

Help us honor local Veterans by coming to our Veterans Day celebration! On Thursday, November 11th we will be holding a flag raising ceremony with a local chapter, celebrating with refreshments and more from 12:30pm-1:30pm . RSVP below! 

"Breast Cancer Warriors Fundraiser"

“October is officially here and so is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The month is dedicated to recognizing and supporting all breast cancer warriors – including those diagnosed, survivors and those who are no longer with us…”

"4 Tips for Coping with Pain from Arthritis"

“Fall & Winter are quickly approaching causing changes in the weather such as cold temperatures, rain, and snow. While weather itself doesn’t cause chronic conditions, the adjustment in the air pressure…”

Bucks Happening: Fall Guide - Quakertown Autumn Alive! Festival

“Mark your calendars for the 2021 Quakertown Autumn Alive! Fall festival in downtown Quakertown…”

"Local Doctor Earns Title of Fittest Physician 45-49 in World"

“Dr. David Bozak is a local pain management and rehabilitation physician in pa. working at the Pennsylvania Pain and Spine Institute…”

"Staying Active & Aiding in Overall Wellness"

“August is National Wellness month and dr. Bozak & the team at PA Pain and Spine Institute are helping to remind you of the importance of staying active!..”

"Regenerative Therapies: What are they and Who can they Help?"

“It’s no secret that intense injuries and chronic conditions can take a serious toll on our bodies, but how can we be sure that the wear and tear is fully healed and as strong as it once was?…”

"Coping with Athletic Training Pain and Injuries"

“Staying active is an incredibly important part of achieving overall body wellness, health and longevity, but many times athletes involved in various sports, training programs, competitions, etc. can cause overuse…”

"PA Pain & Spine Institute Is Focused on Easing Patients' Pain"

“The experts at the Pennsylvania-based practice use state-of-the-art techniques to figure out and treat your pain when others cannot. Catch up with Dr. Qu and learn more about his story…”

"Pennsylvania Pain and Spine Institute Welcomes New Physician"

PA Pain & Spine is a rapidly growing pain medicine and rehabilitation practice treating upwards for 500 patients per week with various conditions. The practice focuses on treating pain at the source to help patients heal rather than covering it up with a “bandaid”…

"Treating your Pain at the Source: Pennsylvania Pain & Spine Institute Offers Top Care & Modern Pain Treatment Options"

Chronic pain, illness and injuries can take an immense toll on both a person’s physical and mental health. Sometimes recovery and healing can feel like a never-ending journey, but the Pennsylvania Pain and Spine (PA Pain & Spine) Team is working vigorously to change that…

"The Rewards of Blood Donation, from a Longtime Donor" by Red Cross Philly

Read the story one of our Medical Assistants, Christy, shares about her journey of donating blood over the years & its importance.