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Myth Buster Segments

Visit our YouTube page to watch our clinic provider team uncover some common myths and misconceptions we hear in healthcare! 

Our Mission

Our goal is simple, to ease your suffering from pain. Whether it’s new or whether it’s been bother you for years, our experts use state of the art techniques to figure out and treat your pain when others cannot. 

Step 1: Diagnose

Our physical medicine and pain management experts are trained in the art of diagnosing where your pain is coming from. It starts with actually listening to you and your pain story, examining you, reviewing your previous treatments and, if needed, we will order additional tests to truly understand what's causing your pain.

Getting Started

Step 2: Plan

We see pain management as a partnership between our doctors and our patients. After determining your proper diagnosis and what's causing your pain, we will work together on marking a comprehensive plan to not just ease your pain, but prevent it from coming back in the future.

Step 3: Treatment

We offer many cutting-edge treatment options in our toolbox here at Pennsylvania Pain and Spine. From traditional injections to complementary treatments such as acupuncture, and now minimally invasive spinal surgeries that will save you from traditional spinal surgeries like fusions.

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